UV-Vis NIR Spectrophotometer- Agilent Technologies Cary 5000

The UV-VIS-NIR spectrum is due to the electronic transitions and vibrational modes of the molecule. This is characteristic of a compound. Qualitative and quantitative estimations of compounds are possible by this non destructive technique.

The absorption (A) of a solution at a particular wavelength is given by Beer-Lambert’s law A=ect where c is the concentration of the compound, t is the thickness of the cell and e is the molar extinction coefficient characteristic of the compound at a given wavelength. This principle is used for quantitative measurements.

Essential Features: Wave length Range : 175 nm to 3300nm; Resolution: 0.1 nm, Maximum Absorption: 8(abs).

Attachments: Diffuse Reflectance Accessory; Absolute Reflectance Accessory ; Sample Transport Accessory ; Temperature Controller

Sample required: 50 mg. Solvent must be specified for solution studies.

Applications: Qualitative and quantitative studies of materials and study of molecular structure, reaction kinetics, defect solid state, color centers, etc.