Carl Zeiss EVO 18 Secondary Electron Microscope with EDS

SEM facilitates the observation of very fine details (high resolution) of materials and good focus over a wide range of specimen surface (large depth of field). It also produces clear image of specimen ranging from object visible to the naked eye to a structure spanning few nanometers. Besides its use in studying soils, sedimentary particles, rock materials, synthesized compounds, and biological materials, it also helps to elucidate the architecture and evolution of microfossils. The Energy dispersive X-ray analysis attachment (Thermo SuperDry II) is used to carryout semi quantitative elemental analysis of the samples. A new feature, the Cathedoluminescence detector is installed recently.

Essential Features: Resolution: 3nm@30kV HV mode; 10nm @3 kV HV mode

Detectors: Secondary Electron; Semiconductor BSE (Quad type)*

Magnification: 5x to 300,000x;

Vacuum System: TMP & Rotary to 1.5 x 10 -3 Pa

Specimen Stage: Motorised 5-axis, Eucentric

Specimen height: 80mm at 10mm W.D.

EDX: Peltier cooled X-ray head from Thermo, USA

CLD: Cathedoluminescence detector